Project: ABWA Fredericksburg

Project: ABWA Fredericksburg image

  Led a CMS web design project for ABWA Fredericksburg, overseeing wireframing, web development with Eventbrite integration, DNS management, graphic design, logo creation, content creation, digital consulting, email setup, Zoom integration, newsletter designing, and team leadership. Successfully guided the project team, coordinating tasks and ensuring adherence to project objectives and timelines. Developed wireframes as the […]

Project: KC Training

Project: KC Training image

Led a successful WordPress web design project for KC Training, overseeing web development, graphic design, logo design, and instructional design. Acted as the team leader, effectively coordinating efforts, maximizing collaboration, and ensuring project milestones were met within established timelines. Designed and developed a visually appealing website that aligned with the client’s brand identity and objectives, […]

Project: ACE Enterprise

Project: ACE Enterprise image

Spearheaded a comprehensive brand design project for ACE Enterprise, involving wireframing, WordPress web development, graphic design, logo creation, content creation, and social media management. Led a team of professionals through the project lifecycle, coordinating efforts and ensuring alignment with client objectives and timelines. Developed wireframes to outline the website layout and design, enhancing user experience […]

Project: Kente Circle LLC

Project: Kente Circle LLC image

Led a multifaceted project for Kente Circle LLC encompassing wireframing, web design, web development, graphic design, video script creation, and video production from conception to completion.