Project: KC Training

Led a successful WordPress web design project for KC Training, overseeing web development, graphic design, logo design, and instructional design.

  • Acted as the team leader, effectively coordinating efforts, maximizing collaboration, and ensuring project milestones were met within established timelines.
  • Designed and developed a visually appealing website that aligned with the client’s brand identity and objectives, incorporating user-friendly navigation and engaging graphic elements.
  • Created a captivating logo that represented the client’s brand image and enhanced overall brand recognition.
  • Employed instructional design principles to develop effective and engaging online training materials for members.
  • Implemented membership setup, enabling seamless access and management of member accounts for the training platform.
  • Integrated the website with Constant Contact to facilitate targeted communication and email marketing campaigns.
  • Set up MemberPress and facilitated seamless e-commerce functionalities, enabling members to purchase training courses and products directly from the website.

Project: KC Training website mockups
KCTI flyer
Project: KC Training image