Project: ABWA Fredericksburg


Led a CMS web design project for ABWA Fredericksburg, overseeing wireframing, web development with Eventbrite integration, DNS management, graphic design, logo creation, content creation, digital consulting, email setup, Zoom integration, newsletter designing, and team leadership.

  • Successfully guided the project team, coordinating tasks and ensuring adherence to project objectives and timelines.
  • Developed wireframes as the foundation for the website design, optimizing user experience and navigation.
  • Implemented web development with seamless integration of Eventbrite for event management and registration.
  • Managed DNS settings, ensuring smooth website operation and proper domain mapping.
  • Designed a visually captivating website, incorporating custom graphics and a distinct logo to enhance brand recognition.

  • Created compelling content to engage website visitors and communicate the mission and offerings of ABWA Fredericksburg effectively.
  • Provided digital consulting services, advising on best practices and strategies to optimize online presence and reach target audience.
  • Set up email functionality for communication and marketing purposes.
  • Integrated Zoom for virtual events and meetings, facilitating seamless online interactions for members and participants.
  • Designed visually appealing newsletters to engage and inform members, highlighting upcoming events and relevant content.
WIWL- logo image mockup
WIWL- Newsletter image mockup
Project: ABWA Fredericksburg image