Project Travel Designers LLC

Led a CMS web design project for Travel Designers, encompassing wireframing, web development with ecommerce integration, DNS management, graphic design, logo updating, content creation, digital consulting, email setup, Zoom integration, travel CRM setup, and team leadership.

  • Successfully managed the project team, ensuring effective coordination and alignment with project objectives and timelines.
  • Developed wireframes to outline the website design, optimizing user experience and navigation.
  • Implemented web development with seamless integration of ecommerce functionality, enabling online booking and transactions.
  • Managed DNS settings to ensure smooth website operations and proper domain mapping.
  • Updated the company logo to give it a fresh and modern look, aligning it with the brand identity and target audience.

  • Created captivating and informative content that highlighted the unique travel offerings and service quality of Travel Designers.
  • Provided digital consulting services, advising on strategies to enhance online presence and drive customer engagement.
  • Conducted email setup to facilitate effective communication and marketing campaigns, maximizing reach and impact.
  • Integrated Zoom for virtual meetings and consultations, enabling remote interactions with clients and team members.
  • Set up a travel CRM system to streamline customer relationship management, ensuring efficient client communication and travel planning.
Travel Designers website mockup